Triangl Swimwear
We visited one of the finest beaches i have ever seen in Turks and Caicos called Long Bay Beach. Just the perfect place to get over my fear of wearing a bikini. After all, nobody knows me here anyway, hahaha.

Before leaving Toronto, I challenged myself to start a fitness routine and eat healthily prior to our trip here. I desperately needed to get back in shape anyway for those beach days, but most of all clean good health. Anyway, i slacked with my "work out session". Still working on it.

So of course I leave it to William to make things fun and interesting. In no time i was bouncing around in my Arizona Sunset bikini by Triangl. When Triangl reached out to me, they had no clue i was just starting to have a great interest in wearing bikinis. It was a beautiful coincidence to me and a sign. So i took it as an opportunity to check it off my bucket list.

Although, my bikini cup runneth over in the photos, which was my fault because i was a little confused with the sizes, i really liked that the bikini bottom had good coverage. The use of neoprene fabric to make them is simply genius and it makes it easy to clean - Hand wash.

Are you secretly harboring the fear of wearing a certain outfit? Always remember this - NO-Body is Perfect. Feel free to reach out to me if you need a friendly advice or someone to talk to about it, and i will be happy to hold your hand all the way through it all.

Now i can just relax and move on to the next big thing ;).
Triangl Swimwear
Triangl Swimwear
 Very beautiful beach indeed and it was a stretch.
Triangl Swimwear
Triangl Swimwear
Triangl Swimwear
Triangl Swimwear
Triangl Swimwear
Triangl Swimwear
Triangl Swimwear
                                                    Arizona Sunset Bikini by Triangl Swimwear

Thank you all for stopping by. Now you may share your thoughts.

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Jackline A said...

Wowers!! Your one hot mama! Look at you!! Firstly, I'm jealous that your in sun and we are freezing here. Secondly, The bikinis look great on you, keep wearing them.


Well, well, well! What have we got here! You look beautiful, sunshine! Keep smiling.

Elle berman said...

Wow!! That bikini looks like it was designed for you! You have an Ah-mazing figure!

Love the details of the suit and I know there will be many more bikinis in your future!

xx, elle


Kelsey said...

You look amazing!!
That colour and the fit look just incredible, and you would never guess that you are afraid of bikini's because you look like you are rocking it with such confidence.
Triangl really does it best!!
Congrats - soak up some sun!
Kelsey x

thefashionstirfry.com - Busola said...

Awey, thank you so much Kelsey. So, so sweet of you :)).

thefashionstirfry.com - Busola said...

Hahaha, you are a darling Elle. Thank you.

thefashionstirfry.com - Busola said...

Thank you so, so much Nerline. It means a lot.

April Okwuobasi said...

I love that bikini on you..U look terrific!

StyleByAlina.com said...

Absolutely gorgeous Girl! You look absolutely amazing in that bikini. <3

xo, Alina


Aleksandra Ladygin said...

great swimsuit! http://aleksandraladygin.blogspot.de

Jackie Harrison said...

You look beautiful and very sexy in the swimsuit not bad at all.

melody said...

hot, hot hot, http://melodyjacob1.blogspot.com/2015/01/mini-structured-pleats-with-choies.html

Lizzy said...

great place! and you look perfect, dear!

Missy May said...

See all this hotness!! I dey jealous seff. Oya I dey go gym come, please!


monika berdnik said...

This photos are absolutely stunning, like straight from the magazine,
you look really amazing in such a cute bikini :)


Bella Pummarola said...

You of all people have a fear of wearing a bikini?? :D You look absolutely stunning in these pictures, I couldn't spot a single imperfection! Geez I have to start working out asap...

Bella Pummarola

Helen said...

Gorgeous bikini, jealous of the warm weather you have right now - it's freezing here (scotland)

I have a new post up on the blog, would love to know your thoughts:

* Electric Sunrise - Fashion and Lifestyle Blog *


Paola said...

Amazing place and you look fab, perfect in this bikini!!!!
Kisses from Italy My beautiful friend!

My Facebook

Texas Jak said...

*whistling* Very sexy and you look gorgeous. I think you killed it in your FIRST bikini. Now excuse me while I go do a few stomach crunches!
Texas Jak

Emily Anne said...

Wow you rocked it!! Way to go out there :) Also... good on you for leaving Toronto right now.. it's SO cold here.

A Very Sweet Blog said...

It looks great on you! You have a fabulous shape Busola!

Funke Akinwonmi said...

You look amazing!!!!
Well done!.

Edwige A. said...

Let me tell you that you look FABULOUS in those bikini! You better werk it lol
Edwige | http://www.hypnozglam.com

tia_cherie said...

Oh wow you truly look incredible and these photos are gorgeous, makes me want to go to the beach

idu said...

Girl you look absolutely stunning!!!!!!! Fashionablyidu.blogspot.com

Alissa Gromova said...

Its a precious post and pictures dear Busola! Inspire good moments and happiness and you have a gorgeous body!!!!

Happy weekend!


Bernadeth G. said...

love everything! great photos :D

Visit my blog? xx Miss Beatrix (http://missbeatrix.com)

KizzyDoll said...

You have a gorgeous body my dear...I am needing to get back to exercising and stepping away from the brownies, hahaha!! The beach looks perfect, I could do with some of that!! I hope you enjoyed yourself, that is the main thing, enjoying. You look fierce :)))) Xxx

June said...

You look fantastic! Even if you say your cup runneth over (that made me laugh ) you look awesome :)


June Wants It All

Esmeralda Evangelista said...

WOW! You ara very beautiful!!

Don't Call Me
Fashion Blogger



Ladyofashion said...

Well, I think you look amazing, Incredible bikini. I have seen those Triangl swimsuits the past season and I love the colour range. Gorgeous. Happy weekend. xx

Melissa said...

You look amaz-balls! I love this bikini and you're making jels (it's currently snowing in New York). I hope you enjoy your trip.


raysofraya said...

You look gorgeous Busola, and kudos for having the courage to wear a bikini, let's start the fitness plan and tone that already stunningly shaped body! :) Stay in touch always.

INSTAGRAM | TWITTER: @raysofraya

Mag KP said...

I like the bikini and you look fantastic! Great body, dear. And the place is amazing!

Lubka Christova said...

Stunning photos! The beach is really peaceful and beautiful and you look so fit! Loving this post, dear xx

nANA said...

you look great on bikini dear. so set aside your fears =) this is such a beautiful place too. wish i could retreat on a beach one of this days. =).new post on my blog =)hope you'll check it out.keep in touch=)


Kurves said...

You look AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ivana Džidić said...

I don't think you need to worry about working out regularly because you're perfectly proportionate and you already look toned. Still, a bit of stretching does everyone good. I would recommend everyone doing 15 minutes of stretching a day because that can really make a difference (as I was told by various therapist I visited because of my spine problems).

I use to spend four or even months in the year on a beach in a bikini so no I have no problem with it...not to mention doing swimming for a few years and even to train I never wore those boring sporty swimsuits.

Speaking of swimsuits, I always bought two size smaller for the bottom part (or two sizes bigger for upper size depending on how you calculate it)....or I would just buy the tiniest bikinis (the kind without cups). My mother told me when I was 14 and was thinking about buying one tiny bikini that I should wear them while I can and I guess I took her advice;)

Quite frankly, I was never body conscious even despite the fact that I have horrible spine deformation that is clearly visible to the naked eye, yet no one really takes notice of it probably because I feel comfortable in my skin. Not that I think I'm particularly perfect or good looking, I just feel fine with the way I look and that always shows.

Lately my husband has been complaining about me losing weight, but really I hadn't lost any weight. I did, however, somehow lose my curves and I can't help noticing that I went one size down when it comes to cup size. I really have no idea how that happened, I weight the same as always and haven't changed any of my habits- I guess that sometimes our body just changes with time.

Kreyola said...

I too had issues showing my body in bikinis, and I still struggle to wear bikinis and share pictures when I do, but I love them, and some are so darn pretty. You look amazing and yours bathing suit is nice and I happy to see you in it.

Kreyola Jounerys | Instagram

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