CASUAL FRIDAY: Printed T-Shirt with White Pants
Note to self: Never take "Casual Friday" too casually.

When the big corporate bosses at companies came up with the idea of employees dressing down on Fridays, i guess it was a way of telling them they are also just as relieved it is finally the end of another crazy week.


Casual to you may not necessarily mean casual to me. Right? The way some people will do a casual look could be over the top to others or way too casual for some. Personally, i go by a few rules and it has nothing to do with me working for a company, but my lifestyle. A t-shirt with cool prints styled with a pair of crisp white pants is one of my favorite go to outfits. White may seem like a no, no to many but i think it makes it look not so casual. While creating this simple and pretty effortlessly chic look, i had two situations in mind because i have been in all of these situation, so i can definitely relate.
CASUAL FRIDAY: Printed T-Shirt with White Pants

There is that woman who is a full time student or works a 9 to 5 job and would not miss a happy hour with friends after a hard day's job. Happy hour could go from anything involving hanging out at a bar with some friends just having drinks to catching up over dinner. What may sometimes extend to some karaoke night, dancing and other shenanigans we won't even go into :). This is just that look that will take me from 'Casual Friday" to "Casual Fri-Yay'

Now there is also that woman who is a home maker or a mom or both who is just constantly on the go. So grocery shopping, home decor stores, arts and craft stores, appointments and mall runs kinda dominate her to-do list. This outfit is so easy and comfortable it makes my "Casual Friday" a home run! Even if i decide to switch from those heels to a pair of flats later, i try still try keep it dressy and chic.
CASUAL FRIDAY: Printed T-Shirt with White Pants
CASUAL FRIDAY: Printed T-Shirt with White Pants
CASUAL FRIDAY: Printed T-Shirt with White Pants
CASUAL FRIDAY: Printed T-Shirt with White Pants
CASUAL FRIDAY: Printed T-Shirt with White Pants
CASUAL FRIDAY: Printed T-Shirt with White Pants

CASUAL FRIDAY: Printed T-Shirt with White Pants

Have a fantastic weekend everyone!

BOOT-CUT WHITE PANTS BY JACOBS similar also in slim fit  here

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Edwige A. said...

Super fabulous and beautiful! I'm totally with you! and I go by, " always dress like you're going to see your worst enemy" even when grocery shopping. Lol

edwige |

Jackie Harrison said...

I love the way you think doll looking ravishing great outfit loving those shoes. Have a great weekend.

Adelynn Lovellette said...

You look great!

tia_cherie said...

Stunning look and what a pretty location for photos. The whole ensemble makes me want to go on a holiday.

Ivana Džidić said...

you do look gorgeous in those white jeans...and I must say I love your interpretation of casual. It is like being dressed up and fabulous but still there is a relaxed vibe.

Paola said...

I love your printed tee and those red shoes..... absolutely cool!!!!!!!!
Kisses, Paola.


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Super Fashionable said...

LOVE the shoes!



yuyufashionbook said...

The shoes ! Love it so much, with this white pant the mix is awesome !

Kiss ma belle ! Yuyu

Couturetrend said...

Madly in love with this outfit!!


alessia milanese said...

Lovely top!


Sara de Matos Cunha said...

You look so charming! And the photos are great too! In the meanwhile, what do you think of following each other, maybe inspire each other? Please let me know! Have a great weekend :)

KizzyDoll said...

Always so stunning doll, but I still think the best thing is always your smile, it makes the outfit...your light shines from inside for us all :))) xx

EuroAsia Fashion By Kintan said...

Great look and super casual look.Happy Sunday.
Kisses <3<3

sonia licata said...

Semplicemente stupenda!!!

Don't Call Me Fashion Blogger

Uzo O said...

I love the hair ,and your shoes are just perfect for the pair of pants. You look great.

Nikita said...

STUNNING! love the look and these photos are just amazing. xx

Adventuremeetsdesigner said...

love the summery floral top, you look absolutely stunning.

Kurves said...

Love the outfit and amazing dimples & smiles!!

Adeola Naomi Aderemi said...

Love the with pants and your interpretation of casual is amazing!

Aileen O. said...

These are definitely a Fri-Yay! Love the white pants against white - photos are amazing :)

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