Long Corduroy Coat
Happy St. Patrick's Day you guys. As we slowly ease our way and our wardrobe into this much awaited spring season, i guess it doesn't hurt to get inspiration from a day like St. Patrick's Day. This is my first St. Patrick's Day inspired outfit and i wanted to do it well. I had a completely different idea of the look i wanted for this day, but when the coolest corduroy coat ever, suddenly fell into my lap, all that changed. Considering the fact that St Patrick's Day is pretty laid back and fun day, i built the look around the coat to achieve "A girl's/guy's girl'' kinda look. It is not too, too laid back but at the same time very approachable in style. I think anyone in denim is always seems quite easy to talk to. Don't you think? St Patrick's Day is all about fun times with friends and family which requires putting down all your guards and being a little more social....at least for one day :).
Long Corduroy CoatLong Corduroy Coat
Long Corduroy Coat
Long Corduroy Coat
Long Corduroy Coat
Long Corduroy Coat
Long Corduroy Coat
Long Corduroy Coat
Long Corduroy Coat
Long Corduroy Coat
Long Corduroy Coat
Long Corduroy Coat
Long Corduroy Coat by Armour Jeans


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Ivana Džidić said...

you look smoking hot!
fantastic green coat...love the denim skirt!
sorry I've been a bit absent lately, I'm literally on the road.

Mag KP said...

Busola, you look wonderful. Absolutely wonderful.

June said...

Sooo lovely!!! Green and gorgeous :)


Mrs FF said...

After wearing green pinafore for 6 years in not a fan of green but this green jacket - stunning. Lovely combination

Missy May said...

Wow its a long time I saw corduroy. Looking good and I love the colour. :)


Glenda Harrison said...

St. Patricks Day or not, this jacket is a stunner. The shade works perfectly with your complexion. I gave a dress in the similar shade if green and I love it!

Diana Cloudlet said...

I like this your post very much, because it's really amazing! Great job!

Diana Cloudlet


Rocksana said...

Such a fun and great look. I love the coat and it gives a fun 70's inspired outfit. <3

Happy St. Pattys Day

KizzyDoll said...

You look amazing, so loving this green :)) xx

Jackie Harrison said...

You look beautiful in that amazing green coat.

Lenya said...

Totally loving this outfit! But you had to do that, don't you, I am talking about all that............NO! that darn song will now stick in my head again for ages :( *poutinghere*

beautycindy2002 said...

This prety Busola , lovely smile

BookwormsCloset said...

I'm SO jealous of that coat - love it!

Carmen Vecchio said...

lovely trench

Mrs NoOne

7letiziabarcelona9 said...

love green! and the boots

sophia lastyle said...

Gorgeous look. http://sophialastyles.blogspot.co.uk/


You look so amazing doll! I love the boots.

Bella Pummarola said...

I love how this moss green looks with the beige boots, so chic! ;)

Bella Pummarola

Beauty Follower said...

Gorgeous coat, love the colour!


tia_cherie said...

This coat is totally made for you, it looks absolutely stunning.

Courtney said...

I'm loving this post! That coat is such a fun piece, what a great find!!

XO Courtney

Beauty said...

I love this outfit so much. The corduroy coat and boots are everything!
The pics and location are also exquisite. Great styling.


Aileen O. said...

Such an awesome coat/find. The corduroy coat is so 70s, which makes me love it even more. After St. Patty's this would be an amazing look to wear on the reg.


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