Inspired By Rest T-Shirt from All The Above Clothing
Hello weekend! Hello fabulous weather! It is always nice to welcome a beautiful day. It sure keeps the spirit and the mood alive. I feel unstoppable right now, in the sense that i can't wait to explore places and events in Toronto. Starting this spring, events will be running wild in Toronto, especially since we will be hosting the Pan Am Games this year. Woohoo!

Anyway, i couldn't help but slap on this cute hi-low cold shoulder t-shirt and a pair of metallic pants on such a nice spring day. Even cuter is the message on the back saying, "Take Rest; A Field That Has Rested Gives A Beautiful Crop". That message is dead on and i wanted to share that bit with all of you. The t-shirt is from All The Above Clothing.
All The Above Clothing (ATA) helps their customers channel that inspiration into clothing that allows their customers to wear their heart, soul, and mind on their sleeve, and encourage and inspire others! ATA Clothing has been helping people get inspired through their brand of unique clothing based on quotes that are often submitted by their customers. Instead of just printing a quote on a shirt, each piece of clothing is designed with a hidden message interwoven in each design element. See mine here.

With the launch of their new website, you can now shop by inspiration! Each month customers will get an email that highlights the chosen quote for the month and will show a new product as well, making it the perfect site to get inspired to find gifts for friends, family, or yourself!
If you have a graduate that inspires you this summer, check out the Inspired by Opportunity shirt—the perfect gift to let them know that the opportunity of adversity is something that can help them grow! In addition, part of the proceeds goes to the charity of your choice! 

Inspired By Rest T-Shirt from All The Above Clothing
Inspired By Rest T-Shirt from All The Above Clothing

I am wearing:
& Other Stories Metallic Pants
Inspired By Rest T-Shirt from All The Above Clothing

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A FIELD THAT HAS RESTED GIVES A BEAUTIFUL CROP A FIELD THAT HAS RESTED GIVES A BEAUTIFUL CROP Reviewed by TheFashionStirFry - Makeup Review & Outfit Ideas on 5/09/2015 Rating: 5


Pooja Mittal said...

i am loving your summer outfits girl, the palm top is so cool

Keep in touch



Kurves said...

I Say YESSSS to this outfit and that beautiful smile.

Rita Chacha Ramnarong said...

i love the colors of the tone you've picked, also your photos are stunning

summerrr is da bomb!


EuroAsia Fashion By Kintan said...

Beautiful look and great stufft.Have a great weekend.xoxo

Missy May said...

Doro beautiful lady with that smile is heavenly. :)


Beauty said...

Beautiful color combination and beautiful, radiant smile. 'Hope your weekend is going great. Happy Mother's Day.


therealanab said...

Love this color combination on you. What's even better is your smile.




Jackie Harrison said...

Great looking outfit very chic

Adeola Naomi Aderemi said...

Beautiful colour and combination!

I am stealing your top though!


KizzyDoll said...

Love the concept of this and I really need to steal these metallic pants, they are just perfect for me :DDD

Aileen O. said...

Two great stores to shop from. Giving back is always a great reason to shop :). Love those metallic pants on you! We just got a & other stories shop in NYC and it's given me life lol.


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