H&M Floral Print Skater Dress
Sometimes we make choices with the most nonchalant attitude and it could either be the biggest mistakes of our live or an accidental best thing that ever happened to you. I like the second part better.

While this photos were shot in Turks and Caicos, I found this floral print skater dress one faithful day i wandered into an H&M store in Toronto during my last trip. I needed a dress to wear just for a relaxed day back when i returned to Turks and Caicos Islands. The interesting thing was, i really didn't give the dress an extra thought nor did i bother trying it out in the fitting room. I really just saw it as what it was- Just okay, nothing fancy, nothing to run through burning fire for.... Then the day came when i decided to finally put it on and go for a walk. From no where, the dress started looking different to me. I suddenly wanted to make an effort, style it and make it look more than just a simple grey and pink floral skater dress. So I tried it with the floral statement necklace and hopped into my favorite red heels and it felt right. I realized the dress was already just as cute on its own and even if I needed to add anything else to elevate it, it didn't need much. Although, I love it for summer, but with a denim jacket or leather jacket, it would be so perfect for spring too.

The whole look to me was playful, fun and it sure brought out the little girl in me. Guess what? I totally went with it.
H&M Floral Print Skater Dress
H&M Floral Print Skater Dress
H&M Floral Print Skater DressH&M Floral Print Skater Dress

H&M Floral Print Skater Dress
H&M Floral Print Skater Dress

H&M Floral Print Skater Dress
H&M Floral Print Skater Dress
H&M Floral Print Skater Dress
H&M Floral Print Skater Dress
H&M Floral Print Skater Dress
H&M Floral Print Skater Dress

I am wearing:
HEELS by MTI DESIGN, similar here
LIPSTICK by ARBONNE (Sold Out), similar here

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Ivana Džidić said...

You have fantastic energy and presence on these photographs. You say you felt like a little girl in this dress and went with it...whatever you were feeling, there is something wonderfully positive and playful about this look. Your smile on these photographs is pure magic!

The way you styled this dress is simple put perfect...those red mules were a fabulous choice and the necklace matches the dress and the floral theme wonderfully. Excellent style choices dear ....and I do agree that this skater dress is a great choice for both Spring and Summer. Here summer arrived early:) but I'm not complaining!

Adeola Naomi Aderemi said...

Your smile and joy burst through every image and the dress is pretty perfect!
Have a lovely Thursday dear!!

Uzo O said...

Did you say 'nothing fancy' ? The dress is gorgeous! It happens to me sometimes and before you know it i'm loving a dress i never gave a second look. I love It on you.

Jackie Harrison said...

The dress looks amazing on you.

Lubka Christova said...

Ah the dress is so cute and I love the way you've described it. It really is the perfect casual girly piece :)

Lu |

Nnamdi Moghalu said...

Great look!!!

Kurves said...

Super Cute and you wear it so very well.

KizzyDoll said...

Spectacular doll, love this dress, so happy :) xx


This is such a pretty dress. Happy weekend love!

Inez said...

Lovely, lovely dress. Love the matching necklace too.

Crissy said...

Super pretty. I love dresses like that! It works well by it's self or paired with accessories/layers. Florals are definitely my favorite.

Edwige A. said...

Look at you gorgeous! You look super adorable in this beautiful dress! I love the heels too!


Adjoa said...

I was just thinking, is she back in the Turks?? The picture s are so pretty, bright and floral!

Thy Bliss Calls

Aux Caprices de Flore said...

Beautiful floral dress

Sorana Nistor said...

Gorgeous flower power dress.So pretty!


Elle berman said...

Well yes it may be just an ordinary skater dress with a super cute floral print----- BUT on you, it is heaven ! Great choice of shoes and necklace!

xx, Elle

Trends Vip Blog said...

Is not the dress...Is who wears it, and you´re so gifted when it comes to style!

idu said...

Hahahahaha @ from nowhere the dress started looking different and I wanted to make an effort. I just died laughing. Anyways, its so girly and so cute!!!! <3 it!!! That necklace tho, too fab.

Aileen O. said...

SWOONING big time over those shoes! H&M tends to have some of the cutest things, it's an awesome thing you took a chance on the dress and styled it - it's so perfect and flirty. Then again you can make anything look super cute ;).

fatima hassan said...

Pretty dress

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