Statement Necklace x Denim Vest x Denim Skirt
For so long, I wanted to do this! What? You ask? Bathe in jewelries darling!

I love to wear lots of jewelries when I can, but sure the minimalistic look is quite a cool trend, very clean and easy. The only thing is, my love for jewelries is deeply rooted in my African roots. The women love to adorn themselves in as many jewelries as possible. It is our thing, a culture thing if i may say so and i can't apologize for it :)). I find it to be so beautiful. I mean so, so beautiful. Wearing a lot of jewelries with western pieces can be sometimes misunderstood, but it is really okay if done tastefully. I remember as a teenager, my girlfriends and I collected tons of bangles/bracelets and just stack 'em up as high as possible on our arms. I want to be able to do that again sometimes. Yes, the smell of childhood y'all :).
Statement Necklace x Denim Vest x Denim Skirt
Styling this Mystery Ancient  Coin Necklace from Happiness Boutique gave me nostalgia and I just wanted to dip my neck in it. There is nothing more inspiring than a store that believes not only in looking good but feeling good. That to me, is a big deal. While their jewelry designs are inspired by art, fashion, patterns and more, their goal is for these pieces to make you happy when you wear them. I think they may have dipped mine into a melting pot of happiness and joy because it took me there when i wore it out on this faithful day.   This necklace weighs quite heavily in the hand, just as much it looks. It is more gorgeous when  you see and i love how it fills up my entire neckline area.

A denim on denim look was necessary at this point just because.

Is anyone else crazy about the denim skirt trend this season as much as I am? Got this in pleats and I split the two denims with a black sleeveless leather mesh top for an edgy chic look.

I am wearing:
Denim Skirt by Armor Jeans
Sleeveless Mesh Top by Qed London
Sneakers and Sunglasses by Unique Vintage

Thank you all for stopping by. Now you may share your thoughts.

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