Sleeveless Turquoise Damask Print Dress x Leona Stone Bib Necklace
I am sure telling you prints make a dress look like a million dollar is like telling you unicorns don't exist. What? You thought they did? Sorry, I didn't mean to rain on your fairytale fantasies, but it is okay, I love unicorns too or at least the idea of them. So we can both just continue to believe they do anyway, right?

This lovely turquoise blue, flirty hemline knit dress with damask print is quite a treat. It is from The Shopping Bag, an online boutique that started in 2012 was inspired by the owner's grandma's love to fill up her closet with unique and hard to find pieces. The owner's name is Lauren and if you have a minute, i recommend you pay her store a visit. If this will make you happy, they ship worldwide. The dress is true to its size, fit and length. 

I don't think there could have been a better accessory to go with it, at east for a start, other than this Leona Stone Bib Necklace -Turquoise and green mix with silver and a hint of white. Yes!! Who knew turquoise could be this fun and flirty? I think I am so ready for some summer fun!
Turquoise Damask Print Dress x Leona Bib NecklaceTurquoise Damask Print Dress x Leona Bib NecklaceTurquoise Damask Print Dress x Leona Bib NecklaceLeona Stone Bib Necklace from The Shopping Bag
Turquoise Damask Print Knit Dress x Leona Stone Bib Necklace from The Shopping Bag

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Madame Lipstick said...

Dear, you look absolutely AWESOME! :) I love your dress ;)

Liv said...

Love the color on you.



Diana Ashuayem said...

Such a pretty dress! Love the necklace with it. You look amazing.

Jackie Harrison said...

Loving the print the dress has such an elegance vibe to it you look fabulous.

Paola said...

I love this drees!!! You look fab in turquoise Busola!!!

Kisses, Paola.


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EuroAsia Fashion By Kintan said...

Gorgeous look as always dear.Love this blue dress.So chick and yet elengant.
Happy summer over there.
Kisses xoxo

Aduke Okin said...

sweet woman

desola mako said...

Blue is definitely one of your colours you look so lovely and the necklace is pretty.x

Adeola Naomi Aderemi said...

drooling over this beautiful dress!

You should know I would be raiding your closet, if I lived in Canada!


Nina said...

You look stunning in this dress. xx


Uzo O said...

Totally loving this dress on you and the colour is really nice ,perfect for summer . You styled it well with neck piece..Going to check out the site store.



You look pretty in blue girly! I love that dress, and the necklace is everything!!

francesca r said...

I love unicorns, in fact.... I have one tattooed on my shoulder! You will see it on Monday's post. I have to check the shopping bag, your dress is to die for!

Alyssa Monique Bustillo said...

Cute Dress <3

So fab, chic and stylish <3

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idu said...

How cute!!!!!! Not a fan of turquoise but you make it look fabulous as only you could. http://fashionablyidu.blogspot.com/

Adjoa said...

I just love the accessories you used. They all work together to make the dress stand out. Awesome Ms. Busola!

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