As soon as I laid my eyes on this floral print jumpsuit, I was ready for it! So, I picked out my usual size and I happily waited for it to come in the mail. It sure did and like always, I was so excited to try it on. As soon I pulled it out of the package I immediately noticed it was complete see through, hmmm....not what I was expecting. Anyway, I tried it on and everything was going very well until one of the straps broke while I was trying to pass it over my head. "Aww, man", I said, very sadly.

Like they say, "When life gives you lemons, you make lemonade". In my case, Walktrendy was nice enough to send me this jumpsuit but sometimes things don't always go as planned. I really liked the jumpsuit so I deccided to figure out of a way to style it to make it work for me. I just wish i thought of it much earlier. I did only two things:

Since they were cross-back straps, i cut the one that broke off completely and just sewed the other strap into a halter neck by simply stitching one end to the jumpsuit.

I am not sure how else to wear a cross-back mega see-through outfit made with chiffon other than to wear the the right undergarments and outerwear or better still, sew in a lining. Luckily, it was still spring weather, so i wore a pair of tights, cut off the feet to make it 'em footless tights and threw on an open-front top over it. I order for me  can wear it on hotter days, i will have to take it to a good seamstress to line the inside for a permanent coverage. Besides that all that fixing i had to do, I really like the retro style jumpsuit, it is so trendy and the bold prints definitely do make you stand out.


I am wearing:

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EuroAsia Fashion By Kintan said...

Looks really amazing with this jumpsuit doll.And you wore it beautifully.
Wish you have a great Sunday.Kisses xoxo

Jackie Harrison said...

I cannot pull off a jumpsuit I look lost it could be my height. You pull it off beautifully the pattern is amazing.

Ivana Džidić said...

that flared floral jumpsuit looks like it was made for you! the alteration you made were perfect...and I really like the bag and the heels you paired this jumpsuit with!

I'm seriously inspired by this styling of always look fantastic dear Busola!!!!!!!!!!!

Emma Felin said...

Love the colours in this outfit! Such unique style.


Emma - Busola said...

Thank you sweetheart. You are always so sweet and thank you for your lovely comments as alway. It means a lot. Hope yo have a beautiful Sunday as well :). - Busola said...

Thank you sweet Jackie. Oh I am sure you look fabulous in anything. I have seen you all dolled up on Instagram :)) - Busola said...

Aww, you are really so sweet Ivana. Hahaha, i had to make it work. I really liked it and just couldn't let it go :)). Thank you so much darling - Busola said...

Thank you so much Emma :)

June said...

What a fun jumpsuit! Love it! And the bell bottom ends make it even better


Glenda Harrison said...

Smart moves, Busola. You saved a great looking piece. You look fantastic in it!

Fashion Rehab said...

The jumpsuit is so pretty! I love how it moves with the wind




Oh poor baby! I cannot believe the strap broke. I love how creative you got with the other one though! You look gone with the wind fabulous honey!

Adeola Naomi Aderemi said...

Oh dear! That is so sad that it just literally fell apart! It look amazing on you none the less!

Lauren Blair . said...

Forever in love with this jumpsuit. I'm impressed with your craftiness in making this jumpsuit work for you! it weird that I'm starting to realize I think you look amazing in EVERY color?? Lol, well regardless you do! XO
-Lauren Blair

Lubka Christova said...

When I saw a photo of this outfit on your IG, I just immediately fell in love with it. The colour combination and print of the jumpsuit are simply beautiful.

It's so good that you managed to fix the straps and still wear it!

Lu |

Mode Madison said...

Very nicely done. Sometimes I go thrifting and bring the garment home only to notice its faulty :(. I do get creative sometimes but otherwise it stays in my wardrobe for ages. Love what you've done and those colours...gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous

Nat Burge said...

Nicely done Fashion Stir Fry! I just got myself a flared jumpsuit and this gives me a great idea how to wear it. Thanks for sharing :)

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