Ethical. Sustainable. Beautiful

When I read that on Ash and Rose online store, I totally agreed it sums up everything they are all about and it shows in their pieces. The world is becoming more and more environmentally conscious and it is always nice to see brands embracing ways to incorporate that into their clothes. As soon as you visit their website, you immediately get that earthy vibe with some vintage feel to it. So  original and indie, i love it.

This hand sewn and embroidered dress paired with the handcrafted hat I am wearing are both from Ash and Rose. When it was time to pick a dress from their website, i was really torn between 2 dresses. Nothing new, right? I kept going back to this dress for every reason in the book. They didn't even have my size available but I wanted it anyway. Yeah, how not so surprising...ah, story of my life. When the heart wants what it wants, you just can't help it. So i picked one size bigger than my usual size. I was worried but you know what, it still ended up looking just as sweet and i figured it will be perfect for fall and spring layering also. Be ready  to see this dress again soon.

I really adore the cute little floral designs on the side and the shoulders but even cuter is the color, which is mauve. So i decide why not just mix in all the different shades of purple for this look. Got the lovely handcrafted hat in Ecuador in aubergine and i finished it off which a pair of purple wedges. This dress sure makes me want to attend as many garden parties that could possible be this summer season.

I am wearing:
Cherry Blossom Dress (in Mauve) and Audrey Hat (in Aubergine): Ash and Rose

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