When I decided to visit the Fantasy Farm in Toronto yesterday, I really didn't know what to expect other than the fact that it had a garden. How fantasizing that was, i was curious to find out. It is spring and i am open to seeing as many pretty flowers or gardens as possible. From what I gathered on Google and probably only wanted to know ahead of time was the fact that it was just a little over 11km from downtown Toronto. Certain places are just better to drive to if you can and this fantasy place was one.

Saturday is usually not my favorite day to visit places like this because of the fear of it being so busy. No, I am not antisocial, i just try to avoid a crowded place when I can. Well, I made sure to be there early enough to avoid any possible rush. Lo and behold, it was quiet. Just a handful of people who seemed to be employees of the place working quietly on whatever it was they were doing. I figured I may have been there waaay to early. Anyway, I immediately asked a gentleman if it was okay to park in their enormous parking lot since there were no parking signs or ticket machines in view. He said, "It is fine to park here during the week, but on a weekend like today when we are having a wedding, you can't".  A wedding? Ding, ding!! This just got my curiosity level so much higher. After a few minutes of deliberating whether to go for it or not, my curiosity got the best of me.
Wearing an empire waist dress to the TORONTO FANTASY FARM
By the way, i was there at 11am so that explains what the whole setting up I saw going on was about. The garden was already set up for the wedding and you know it, i wanted to check it out. It was really pretty. Yes, i am a sucker for happy endings, especially when they happen in beautiful places like this or should i call it a make-believe fantasy spot. Hahaha, it was fun taking photos in the garden and I couldn't resisting pretending to be one of the guests. It is all about fantasy, right? If i was dressed for the occasion, maybe i would have crashed the wedding. Nooo, just kidding, not my style :).  That said, it would have been a perfect setting for a wedding guest theme if that was what this post was about. This time i was there to fulfill a fun fantasy day wearing my sleeveless empire waist dress.
This dress was my perfect size and it came without a belt. Adding a belt was my idea because it was definitely needed. When you wear an empire waist dress that isn't fitted in the burst area, sometimes it doesn't look so flattering. I think it turned out well at the end of the day.
Empire Waist Dress

I was wearing:
Be-Bop empire waist dress via Winners

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Ivana Džidić said...

a belt does make a difference when it comes to an empire waist dress, I just had an eureka moment thanks to I know why one dress doesn't look right on me.

...and you look absolutely fabulous and fantastic! that dress is marvellous..the setting is perfect. I always love to check out places where people get married- especially when it is on the beach or in the know, those different options are always intresting, so nice to see a wedding in the open.

Paola said...

Lovely location and pretty dress, you look like a doll in a fairy tale!!!
Kisses, Paola.


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Chi Obinna said...

looks magical.

June said...

Such a beautiful place!! Amazing photos!!


Elle berman said...

Stunning location, and you are perfect in it, just a lovely the garden itself. Love your dress, and agree the belt is a good idea, unless you are flat chested, a belt is important...

What a nice place for weddings, too!

xx, Elle

Nicky mywishstyle said...

You are reallt wonderful!!!

idu said...

Have I ever told you that you have one of the most infectious smiles/laugh ever? Your page loads up and I start smiling in anticipation. And then there's your writing. Pretending to be one of the guests - DEAD! That one got me real good. That is one helluva garden and you look absolutely stunning. I love the belt too, I wonder what the dress looked like without it. Perfect too I'm guessing. I love this post so much, now I have to go searching for a farm/garden hahahhaaaaaa. There better be one around here or else. I can't stop laughing. Have a fantastic week darling.

Fine Art Gallery said...

Such great pictures :) Keep In touch dear..Rampdiary/Beauty and fashion/ Art blog

KizzyDoll said...

Amazing place...super cute dress :) xx

Lubka Christova said...

You look absolutely glowing in this garden. I would have absolutely loved it to have a walk in there!!!


I don't like big crowds either. You look stunning doll! And this place is just too beautiful!

Maggie Dallospedale said...

Hi sweetie

so stylish and chic



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