Every once in a while, i stray from colors and it is okay. Yes, it is human if you ask me, hahaha.

The bohemian style is one I have always been so drawn to. Probably because it has just as much character as the retro style. I find it to be very warm, whimsical, laid back and layered sometimes. While the retro style is out there, quirky, playful, unafraid but definitely as fun as boho. Okay, this isn't an argument but please, feel free to share your views about both styles.

The color, style and print of this lovely hippie gypsy dress is a mix of both retro and boho to me. Pairing it with the colorful tights and retro style shoes just has me feeling excited about the blend of life going in this look, hahaha.

Maybe not as much as i should have in the past, but lately, when i wear dark colors at all, I do try to incorporate bright colors into the look. It could be with an accessory or a small part of the outfit, but it will be there regardless of how subtle it is and you will see it. This outfit needed some color for me to style it the way my heart wanted. I needed something blue....and orange. The idea of blue wasn't for it to match the nail polish even though it does ;), but more to pull out the the beauty of the dark brown gypsy dress. Same reason i picked an orange beaded necklace. Honestly, if i had the perfect blue heels to wear with this dress, I would have also featured that look side by side with this one, but the tights worked well for me. This altogether is a playful, quirky, fun and fresh look. I am sure you are wondering where my hat is to kinda complete the boho side of this look. Well, let's just say my hair has enough brim to bohemize this look :)

Boho and Retro style outfit mix with a gypsy dress
Don't you just love the flexibility of gypsy dresses and tops? I like to pull it off my shoulder for that flirty fun look and for a more modest, cozy yet chic look, i simply pull those sleeves back up. Just the perfect dress to take me from spring right through to fall
Boho and Retro style outfit mix with a gypsy dress
Boho x Retro style outfit mix with a gypsy dress
Boho x Retro style outfit mix with a gypsy dress
Boho and Retro style outfit mix with a gypsy dress
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Shoes: Kenneth Cole Reaction

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