We all know, there are so many ways to style a hat but what really matters to me when i do wear one, is making sure the hat sets the tone of the look and mood. This dress is one i would definitely wear to an office but there is life after work. Which means letting down my hair and simply switching that girl boss hat to a fun time hat for the rest of the day. Before I start getting carried away having too much fun, I would like to introduce the designers of this cool hat first.

Portelli is a family owned brand that makes fashion accessories like hats, scarves and more at affordable prices. They are only a year old but their unique patterns and prints are already becoming quite the attraction lately. I picked out this D Camper Hat from their newest summer collection to style. Besides the patterns, the fabric of the hat was a hit for me. It feels like a blend of rayon and cotton with a silky smooth finish!

It's not every time you think of dressing down an office wear or work outfit because really, it is what is- Formal, but it can be done. Work outfits differ from work to work and while some are pretty up there, others are a little more relaxed and almost laid back. I call it semi-formal, just like this dress I have on. I adore looks that can take you from one personality to another in just the snap of a finger. I know it is only Monday but a "Casual Friday" slash "Happy Hour" can happen any day of the week. Hahaha. 

To find out more about Portelli Brand, visit them on their website.

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