Pink Swiss Dot Sweet as Peach Pie Swing Dress

You sometimes hear or read about the many endless ways you can style a dress or how many ways to style one dress. It is okay to wonder because I personally think it all depends on the individual. While you are still pondering over that statement, i agreed to take on the challenge when Unique Vintage asked four of us to style the same dress which is this Pink Swiss Dot Sweet as Peach Pie Swing Dress our way. So that means, 1 Dress styled in 4 different ways.

While I hadn't seen how the other four ladies styled theirs before styling mine, I really tried not to to overthink it. I triiied. At first, I wanted to style it with everything you could possibly think of but i realized this dress is perfect and just beautiful enough as is. Its lovely dot details and soft peach color need not to be out-shined. Hence, I minimized the accessories and kept the flow balanced by maintaining that soft colored tone of the dress with a white bag. As for the jewelries, I skipped wearing a necklace completely so there is more focus on the dress itself and wore just the brass thorn bracelets on my arm. Things took a turn on the shoes wearing a bold color instead- Purple! Giving it a softer look on top but with a bold and strong finish at the bottom.
Pink Swiss Dot Sweet as Peach Pie Swing Dress
Pink Swiss Dot Sweet as Peach Pie Swing Dress
Pink Swiss Dot Sweet as Peach Pie Swing Dress
Pink Swiss Dot Sweet as Peach Pie Swing Dress
Peach Pie Swing Dress by Unique Vintage
Peach Pie Swing Dress by Unique Vintage
 I am wearing:
  Peach Pie Swing Dress by Unique Vintage

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Ivana Džidić said...

This dress is wonderful as it is, I really doesn't need much accessories. I like how you decided to leave the neck open and opted for a bracelet instead. The purple pumps are the perfect pop of colour...and the neutral white of the clutch is a great choice too.

You look very feminine, pretty and lady like:)!

Paola said...

Grgs!!!!!!!! Lovely dress and the touch of color from your shoes is perfect!!!
Kisses, Paola.


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Pooja Mittal said...

u look like a princess, perfect princess dress and gorgeous shoes


EuroAsia Fashion By Kintan said...

Love this look dear Busola,looks so beautiful and elegant.<3
And the dress is just perfect matched with the purple shoes.
Have a wonderful day.
Kisses xox

Feyi A said...

gorgeous! x


Antela said...

I really like it =)


I love the simplicity of the look, but I love the fact that you went bold on the shoes. Beautiful!! - Busola said...

Thank you so much Feyi. Sooo sweet of you dear. - Busola said...

I am so glad you also agree with keeping it simple. No, it really doesn't need much accessories at all. Thank you so much :) - Busola said...

Purple always comes through :). Thank you Paola :) - Busola said...

Thank you so much Kintan. I went with the purple and didn't even think twice about it :). Glad it worked out fine. - Busola said...

Hahaha, I know you to keep things simple and classy. Thank you so much Nerline. Yeah, i am so happy i decided on the purple shoes. It was so last minute. - Busola said...

Sarah, you are so sweet. Thank you darling!

Beauty Follower said...

You look so elegant!

heather said...

this dress is so pretty! I love how you styled it with the purple pump. it helps make everything POP.


Hilary said...

Wow, I am in love with your dress, this is super fun to read and I am in love with your style. Thanks for sharing. Do you want to support each other's blog by following each other?:) Please let me know if you do so I can follow you right back x


Jackie said...

Peach is such a beautiful colour on you! And love how you added a pop of bold colour with your heels. Such a great colour combo. You look gorgeous👌

xo, Jackie

Lucy said...

You look so beautiful! Love the shoes :)) have a nice day x
Welcome to my blog :))

gloriadressup said...

WOW the dress paired with that shoes is so cool. Your style is amazing. ciao gloria


idu said...

Just like a princess darling. I love the purple shoes and the matching nail polish.

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Laura Marie said...

You look so elegant! I really love your pretty style x

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