I will have to admit the theme of my summer look this year consisted of sequins, blue and more blue...everything! Hahaha.  Honestly it wasn't intentional. Every time i see where the styling of my outfit is going, i try to avoid recreating another blue ensemble but again, i guess i didn't try hard enough :). Blue is such a BLUEtiful color and i can't deny it.

As we count down to the end of summer, i thought why not end it in style. So this time around, i am really doing a play of textures here by styling a sequins top and brocade skirt together. There is something about this look that i find to be so free spirited, celebratory, fun party girl look. She is ready to dance the night away and step to the beats of a cool summer jam. I love to dance and when i know there is a very high chance of that happening where i am going, i make sure to at least dress for it dress for it. I will happily wiggle my way around the dance floor in this mini brocade skirt. It hugs the hips just right for that perfect hip movement :).

Summer this year for me was amazing! I accomplished so many things and started even some new things. Hope yours was fun too.

I am wearing:
Sequins Top: Unknown
Brocade Skirt: H&M
Necklace: The Shopping Bag

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