How was your weekend? I love my weekends for so many reasons, but nothing tops choosing to be lazy and simply making it a pajamas all day kinda day. Sounds all too familiar? Sure that will be nice if i didn't decide to make some pancakes only to realize half way through it, there is no buttermilk or syrup in the house. Or there is a spill and ugh, i used the last sheet of paper towel last night and now i just have to get up and leave the house already. Once i step out that door i know all too well, a supposed trip to the grocery shop will end up with me wanting to take a walk through the mall, stopping for some coffee, ice cream, hair cream, whip cream, all the creams i can possibly lay my hands on and what not, hahaha. So i figured i might as well get off my lazy behind and just  turn that pajama look into a chic weekend casual since i am going to be out for the most part anyway. 

A weekend casual can be as basic,simple and comfortable as you want it, but i don't think it should be boring. Makeup free, messy hair don't care attitude? Sure, but just adding a couple of statement pieces to that look can take it far far away to chic on fleek. I did that here. Even if i decided to kick off the heels and and put in some flats, the key accessories, which are the red tartan print scarf and bag are so noticeably matched they will easily take the attention away from anything else. With the cool air blowing in here as we slowly but surely move into fall, it doesn't hurt to keep the shoulders warm with a little crop jacket. If there are a million and one ways to wear a scarf, this is one. Hope you all have a great week ahead.WEEKEND CASUAL | TARTAN
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