Androgynous fashion continues to grow wild and i am a big fan. The more the gender divide in fashion continues look like it keeps getting blurred out by those in love with a classic boyish style, the more men's pieces will continue to find their way into women's closet.

I got a chance to review this Megir 2002 Quartz Watch for men and i said, why not?  I would wear certain men's pieces  including watches and i wasn't afraid to try this cool time piece. It is obviously a big faced watch which is one of the reasons why i like it. It is black which means it can easily be styled with just about any colorful or neutral outfit. Being the lady i am, i thought i might soften it up with a mini bodycon striped long sleeved sweater dress and a plaid paperboy hat for a touch of that boyishly cute look. While we are still enjoying what i call a pre-fall kind of weather at the moment, a pair of these booties won't hurt to have. The watch itself is a solid piece that is water resistance with a date display. I am so terrible with dates, so that will be a great help, hahaha. Although, I am not a fan of plastic straps but it is a better option for a water resistance watch if you ask me. Great for swimming, plus i always forget to take off my watch when i am cooking or doing the dishes so this would be nice to have on if that happens or if i get caught in the rain with fall season here.

I am wearing:
Aeropostale Pink Striped Sweater Dress (similar here)
Jessica Yellow Striped Cardigan on my waist (similar here)
Plaid Paperboy Hat

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MALE QUARTZ WATCH x PLAID ON STRIPES ON STRIPES MALE QUARTZ WATCH x PLAID ON STRIPES ON STRIPES Reviewed by TheFashionStirFry - Makeup Review & Outfit Ideas on 9/16/2015 Rating: 5

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