"Belieeee' that" (in that Cookie on Empire voice) when i tell you i am always so nervous about shopping for clothes online. I know it sounds weird saying that as a fashion blogger who works with brands and often get asked to pick out clothes online for reviews. It all has to do with the "What ifs" going on in my head.

"What if: The small size is way too small on me?"
"What if: It doesn't fit right on the bust, hip and waist?"
"What if: I gained or lost a little bit of weight in the last few days and i am not sure what my real size is anymore?"

The good thing is, I learned to know, trust and love my body by accepting the constant change it goes through. Plus, i have been lucky enough to know brands that are often true to their sizes. One of which is LURAP, an online clothing line that caters to women from size 0-36W, gives you a chance to pick the dress you want and customize it to your true size and taste at an affordable price.

I followed every step of their sizing chart without cheating ;), and this was how i my gorgeous blue dress was born. It has a really great fit, length and design. I have been so inspired by the beauty of the Toronto Botanical Gardens so much this season that i a had to go back there to shoot this dress.

I am wearing:

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