Ugg Rain Boots
It was a really nice fall day in The Six (Toronto). It was beautiful, sunny and dry...

When i I wake up every morning, the first thing i do is to look out the window to see if it is my kind of day- Sunny! I jumped out of bed, took a quick shower because if i stayed too long in there, knowing how fall weather is, it could change from sunny to cloudy in the snap of a finger. So I whipped up an egg omelette for breakfast, had a few cups of coffee and i was heading out to conquer the world.

Picking out my outfit for the day, i was definitely in the mood for colors. Oh sorry,when am I not? It is just so hard these days to find colorful pieces for fall unless you are willing to go an extra mile.

I walked through the mall the other day and most stores have all the dark fall colors you could think of on their racks. I have nothing against that at all. They have to stay on top of things to be able to sell their pieces but what some clothing stores forget is that, some of us do like to keep colors alive all through the year. I don't mind switching every now and then to some pretty fall tones of course but I also like to take it up the notch a little.

Like I said, it was dry, but if there was a perfect pair of shoes to go with  my outfit, it was this pine colored rain boots. It is always nice to know, i can at least look stylish even if the rain decides to stay away for a day and even it starts to rain, you know what, i am still good. The weather can be what it is but a stylish look goes way beyond that.
Ugg Rain Boot
Ugg Rain Boot

I was wearing:
 UGG® "Shaye" Women's Rain Boots

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