Happy Thanksgiving America! It is officially the start of the holiday season and i am so ready! Like i said in an earlier post, i will be lining up some holiday party outfits so i can be prepared for what is to come....or not. We'll see :). Of course it won't be nice not to share my ideas with you all. So here is the second installment.

This high-low dress and the pair of booties came from the same online store and they are both quite some statement pieces if you ask me. If you are like me and you wake up on some days feeling really edgy, this cool dress will be great. It will take me through for an all day affair to a  lunch or dinner date and ultimately a holiday party which i am sure will be the norm starting in the next couple of weeks. It is a very simple look especially compared to what you all find me wearing and the color is clean but i still let both pieces make all of the statement they want to make because both the dress and boots compliment each other. The high neckline of the dress is so weather appropriate and yet still so chic. The fabric is a lot thinner than i had expected just because of the fact that it is cold out right now but a nice long sleeved coat will definitely help.
Romwe high-low dress and fall boots
Romwe high-low dress and fall bootsEdgy chic look : Holiday party outfit idea
Romwe High-low dress and fall boots
Edgy chic look for the holidays
I am wearing 

Thank you all for stopping by. Now you may share your thoughts.

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