I simply went with pieces that mattered- Statement pieces....

I was browsing the web one day and i suddenly came across a well known fashion site talking about Blake Lively wearing all the fall trends in one look. Blake to me, is one of Hollywood's best dressed females especially finding out she has never hired a personal stylist...but maybe that has changed. I am still not sure if this site was giving her props or they were being sarcastic because she is of course America's sweetheart. I think she is cool :).

Anyway, it really got me wondering if sometimes we knowingly wear all the trends in one look or they happen by chance and we simply just go with it. For instance, when i decided on this outfit, it wasn't based on what was trending but as we all know, animal print is a classic, always trendy and a must-have in your closet.

Why? You ask?

Because it is classically timeless... and easily a got-to statement piece for me. When i slipped on the leopard print high-low skirt, I put on my knee-high boots and almost immediately, i said, nooo, this is too easy. So just when i was about to take them off, i remembered I could fold them down on top to have the animal print show to match the skirt. Now, that is refreshing! I said to myself. Slapped on the ever so needed turtle neck sweater for fall and that was it.

Now I have on knee-high boots, leopard print skirt to match and a turtle neck sweater. They may all look like fall trending pieces but they are also fall essentials or like some will say, fall basics. I guess if i held a suede fringe bag i may just be breaking the "Never to wear all  the trends in one outfit dress code", hahaha.

Wear what you like and own it, I say.

I was wearing:
H&M Leopard Print Skirt
Old  Knee-High Boots and Turtle Neck Sweater
Carrie-Underwood for OPI Nail  Polish

Get The Look!

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IN AN ATTEMPT NOT TO WEAR ALL THE FALL TRENDS IN ONE OUTFIT... IN AN ATTEMPT NOT TO WEAR ALL THE FALL TRENDS IN ONE OUTFIT... Reviewed by TheFashionStirFry - Makeup Review & Outfit Ideas on 11/04/2015 Rating: 5

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