Cupecoy Bay

It was a nice day... Wait, what? Let me change that- It is ALWAYS a nice day where it is warm, sunny and beautiful in any part of the world to me and this day was no exception. Every chance I get to know more about this place, i jump on it. From my understanding, Sint Maarten is so small you could tour the whole entire island in less than 3 hours. While that sounds like a fun thing to try, i am just afraid if i do, i would be left with nowhere else to go. So naturally, it was a lovely day to drive around to see what more this little island has to offer and one of the places i really liked was Cupecoy Bay. It has everything from a classy shopping mall, to nice restaurants, gorgeous apartments and more.

I love distressed jeans, whether pants, shorts or skirts and the idea of pairing casuals with dressy pieces always appeal to me. Styling this floral and lace top with my distressed shorts maintains a casual chic look for the day.

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Cupecoy Bay Cupecoy Bay Reviewed by The Fashion Stir Fry on 1/21/2016 Rating: 5
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