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Red Tartan Skater Dress by Rebel Sugar
I remember reading an article about that whole idea of someone telling you to find your passion, is all deceptive talk because we always already know what our passion is but we refuse to acknowledge it.

Errr, may i just say by the time i finished reading that article, i couldn't have agreed more. Most times we already know what we are passionate about but we often feel too embarrassed to pursue it because it probably doesn't pay the bills? Maybe not yet...

If there is anything i love doing so much so, that i wouldn't even care if i made a dime from it or if it kept me up all night because i just love working on it, then that right there is a passion. That said, there are ways to turn that passion to profit.

Before I discovered my love for photography, travel and fashion, it never crossed my mind it would be something, i would ever be so passionate about. I take a lot of  photos but when i travel, i take a lot more and I mean a loooot. Besides my outfit photos, these are mostly photos of places, moments, events and really random cool stuff i don't share on the blog. They don't even need to be professional shots! Just me appreciating what i see. Anyway, on this very day, i set out to do just that- Take photos.

I had come across a golf course with a remarkable view and i wanted to go back to take some photos. So i went to try out my new Canon PowerShot SX 510 HS Digital camera. It was a beautiful day and thankfully i wasn't hit in the head my golf balls but i did come across some gigantic iguanas during my shoot. Eeeek!
Red Tartan Skater Dress by Rebel Sugar

I wore this red tartan skater dress with a fun back detail that i got during my first shopcrawl event in Dufferin Mall. It was perfect for a tropical day on a Caribbean Island.

Red Tartan Skater Dress by Rebel Sugar
Red Tartan Skater Dress by Rebel Sugar
Red Tartan Skater Dress by Rebel Sugar

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Red Tartan Skater Dress by Rebel Sugar via Winners

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