Vintage Dress

A dress is a dress but a darling vintage dress or whether vintage inspired, will always stand out in a crowd. I know some of you know the eras of every vintage dress so well just by taking a quick glance but I still have to do a check most times.

I saw this dress and i had an "Aww" moment. Seriously, how can you not love vintage? It is the only chance you get to really get dolled up without looking like the other person standing next to you, at yourrrr party, aaaa party or any event. It was Golden Globes a few days ago and what all the celebrities wore is still pretty fresh on our minds. I wonder why i don't see vintage dresses on the red carpet? You know, like this dress, hahaha. I love the fact that this dress really doesn't need much other than just wearing it well. I don't have the glam squad the celebrities have, but with my hair up, a little bit of makeup and a pop of pink, i don't think i am failing much here.

My theory is, if you are going to do fashion, do it right- Go full circle with it. I would loooove to see a vintage inspired Oscar Award Show. You know, all vintage for the dress code and everything for the red carpet event rather than the same ol' black and red ball gowns we see every year. Boy, it would be a party.

Vintage Dress
A Perfect Vintage Dress
Vintage Dress

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A Yellow Vintage Dress
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