Eye Makeup: My Top 3 Favorite Eyeliners

My Top 3 Favorite Eyeliners

When it comes to Eye Makeup, i find eyeliners to be on the top list of my must-haves because they accentuate the eyes so beautifully. There are so many eyeliners popping up in stores every single day and i am always open to trying out new eyeliners. If it works for me, I am a happy girl! Lately, i have been rotating between three eyeliners because i am very comfortable applying them and i always like the results i get. So here are my current top three. When that changes, i will definitely give you the update :).
My Top 3 Favorite Eyeliners

1. Rimmel Scandaleyes Kohl Kajal Waterproof Eye Liner
This eyeliner is rich, creamy soft and glides over the eyelids so easily, it makes applying it a piece of cake and I couldn't even be happier. 

2. ANNABELLE Eyeink Mistake Proof: This is an eyeliner + corrector in one. One is the applicator while the other end erases any mistakes made while applying. Why didn't this come out any sooner. Brilliant!

3. COVERGIRL Intensify Me!
This particular liquid eyeliner is all about the tip for me. The flat tip is totally different from what i am used to but it does the work. I like the fact that i can alternate between the sides of the tip. A thinner line means holding the thin edge of the tip to my eyes and if i want a thick line, i simply just keep the flat side down and apply. 

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