I don't think i could imagine the world without flowers. Spring is such a pretty time of the year and as the gorgeous tulips start to pop up everywhere, so will pretty outfits.

Lace is a fabric i adore and in my opinion it really just makes an outfit look crisp and good. While it is always important for me to pay attention to the quality of the lace, it all depends on what I may by purchasing it for. If I am not buying a wedding dress, i think i can almost give any lace fabric a pass if the woven pattern is breathtaking and it falls perfectly on me. This full lace midi dress with shoulder pads is unique and if i could, i would avoid shoulder pads on a dress but this was an exception. I guess I couldn't help the fact that it is quite modest, easy to to style and wear. I explained the styling concept and what occasions i find most ideal to wear this lace dress to in the video below:

Styling A Full Lace Dress For SpringStyling A Full Lace Dress For Spring
Styling A Full Lace Dress For Spring
Styling A Full Lace Dress For Spring

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