Every time I play with colors when it comes to styling a look, I always want them to at least compliment each other. They could clash or match but as long as they can compliment each other. Sounds like two people in a relationship, right?

Over thinking an outfit can lead to a major disaster and I am talking out of experience. Yes, it has happened to me a few times before but at the end of the day, every experience is a teacher. I have learned to just take a deep breathe and let the outfit play out on its own especially if it doesn't need to be bothered. Rather than try to focus so much on building on an already pretty dress with pretty colors I shift that energy to how to simply accessorize and play off of the colors.

I had my multi-colored scarf tied around my neck and let the ends fall freely behind the dress. Then I wore a pair of red socks with my pumps for a pop of color.

Thank you all for stopping by. Now you may share your thoughts.

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