Grits? What is grits, you ask? Grits is a made from dried corn and it is a very southern food in the United States. I was introduced to grits when I lived in Maryland which is not really considered to be in the south but close enough to find it there. Grits is not an easy food to fall in love with just at a glance but once you try it, you will love it. It is very healthy and be warned, quite addictive. I have seen a lot of people eat grits in so many different ways but I found one way that I happen to like and now I am just completely in love with it. I came across a box of grits at a store which is a rare find depending on where you live and I brought it home with me!

So how do you make grits? My way?
Boil some water in a pot and add some butter to it then stir in the grits until it is cooked and the consistency is nice and firm. Serve the grits in a bowl to eat but this is the best part -Because I find grits itself to be bland in taste, I have to add a few condiments to help bring out the flavour.

I add:
Brown sugar, 
A sprinkle of salt 
and finally, Cheese

The kind of cheese is so important because this is what gives the grits that final yummy flavour you are looking for. While I have tried it with only one other type of cheese, this Salerno crotonese cheese is going to be the second. Although, I have always used soft cheese in my grits this crotonese cheese is hard but is more flavorful and rich. Which means cutting up the cheese into small bits first before adding it to the grits so it can melt easily. While I would happily eat my Salerno crotonese cheese as is, I just needed to add that deliciousness to my grits and it was absolutely worth it!

Uncooked Grits
Uncooked Grits

A Bowl of Cooked Grits
A Bowl of Cooked Grits

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