When you hear kimono, you think Japanese outfit and rightfully so, but this creatively structured traditional Japanese piece has more to it than what we see. I have always known original traditional pieces always come expensive but who knew a real traditional Japanese kimono can go for about ten thousand dollars? Wowzar! Respect! And that is just the kimono itself, you still have to buy the belt to go with. How do I know this? Google, duh ;). This is where I start to give garments, culture, and tradition like this, way more respect than ever because honestly, I get it. It is the sourcing of the unique fabrics, the materials needed to create them to perfection, the cost of labor, the creative work behind these kimonos and maybe more make them cost so much.

With traditional pieces making their way to mainstream fashion today, purchasing a regular kimono like the pieces we all wear out and about these days from a boutique store at that back breaking price will hurt. Especially if you know you get to wear it only during one or two seasons in a year.

As more and more people are starting to appreciate and love kimonos in fashion, brands have continued to come up with fun, easy to wear designs that are versatile and can be worn all year round pretty much anywhere and for any occasion. Take, for instance, this kimono I am wearing sent to me for a review by Luxetto was hand loomed in Turkey. It is a boho-chic beach kimono designed to be perfectly light, super soft and highly absorbent. Thanks to Picoum.com -An online shopping site co-owned by the radio host Isabelle Racicot, designed to share favorite products, hidden gems and highlight Canadian companies for introducing me to this brand. On my first day in Saint Lucia where I am currently vacationing right now, I went straight to the beach because seriously, who wouldn't? I wore the kimono as a cover up while on the beach and not only did I find it to be light and airy enough for a perfect beach cover in the heat, I find it to be very stylish and chic. So you know quite well this kimono is definitely going to be traveling far and wide with me for a very long time. Great thing about this unique hooded kimono piece also, is the fact that I find it to be a perfect fall layering and transitional piece. Anyone else on vacation or maybe ready for one? Here is a promo code to get this kimono at 15% off until August 31st: thefashionstirfry15

Beach Kimono
Beach Kimono
Beach Kimono
Luxetto Beach Kimono
Beach Kimono
Beach Kimono
  I am wearing:
A hand loomed hooded  Beach Kimono
Use this promo code to get this kimono at 15% off until August 31st 3016: thefashionstirfry15
Location: Saint Lucia

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