The unexpected twist about Butterfly Twists is what led the founders who are all men to get inspired to design ballet flats, trainers and wellies for women based solely on comfort. After reading their story, I wanted to walk a mile in their shoes.

Winter is what it is - Cooooold! I knew a pair of ballet pumps or flats would not be ideal at this point so I decided on a pair of their Madison trainers in white from their new collection. Why? I liked the high tops, the snake skin pattern with hints of silver and the sleek look. But what about the comfort which is what inspired the creation of Butterfly Twists?

This is what I discovered about the trainers:
The moment I opened the box they came in, I immediately noticed the lining of the inside soles. I slipped into them and I realized these inside soles are built to snug the arch of your feet and have a soft cushion in them for that added comfort when you walk. It is hard not to love the snuggly fit when you slide them on.
Butterfly Twists Trainers + Vintage Tartan Maxi Skirt

By now, we all know sporty pieces have phenomenal influence on today's fashion and the world is definitely loving it. The trend is growing and I believe it is because regardless of what we wear, we all just want to be comfortable at the end of the day. Trainers and sneakers are great examples of shoes that are worn for the sake of comfort, but how do you style them into everyday looks, right?

I like maxi skirts and dresses but I may not want to wear heels all the time with them. I spent the day by the lake hanging out on the dock, so I needed to be in comfortable shoes. Styling my trainers with a winter maxi skirt was definitely a refreshing look. I like the subtle print and pattern mix pairing of the shoes and the woolen vintage tartan winter maxi skirt together. Even more refreshing is the idea of being able to mix modern sporty pieces with vintage pieces.

As gray and chilly as it may have been, just sitting there by the lake reminded me of how much water has a very calming effect on you. Love it!

In conclusion, I have to say, what started as a bet between the founders is now a gift to women -Thanks, guys!Butterfly Twists Trainers + Maxi Skirts
Butterfly Twists Trainers + Maxi Skirts
Butterfly Twists Trainers + Maxi Skirts
Butterfly Twists Trainers + Vintage Tartan Maxi Skirts
Butterfly Twists Madison Trainers
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