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I felt the need to do a full review of The Mother TUCKER Compression Leggings for every woman because on the day I received this pair of leggings, something happened. As soon as I received the leggings, I turned the box around to read up on it with excitement when suddenly, someone I happen to know very well made a passing comment, that had me thinking....twice.

This was how the conversation went:
Person: That is insincere (and walked away)
Me (In shock): Wait, what?! What do you mean it is insincere?! 
Person: When a woman wears a shapewear, to me, it's like they are hiding their real shape. 
Me: Whoa! That is so not true.

But I am not going to lie, I wondered if that statement was true. Is that what some folks think about shapewear? Do women wear shapewear to disguise their real shape? After recovering a little from that talk, I picked up the box again to read up on it. It shed more light on my understanding of what this pair of compression leggings really does for you, how to approach and write my review on it so you can all understand why. Let me first clarify that this would be my first time using any of their products from Belly Bandit. It was sent to me to review and this is my first time trying their Mother TUCKER Compression Leggings.     

According To Belly Bandit, it shrinks, controls, tightens, smoothes muffin top, etc., but one that stood out to me was, "A wardrobe essential that shapes and supports you from the waist down." The reason this stood out to me was because it is generally what I appreciate about undergarments, intimates or regular clothes that fall smoothly on you.

Let me just tell you all, this bit of information about me - While you may not catch me wearing a shapewear on a normal day, I love the idea of keeping my curves firm with added extra support especially underneath my clothes. It's like wearing a bra - Not just any, but one with excellent support and smooth coverage, right? So why not do the same with a pair of leggings? Do I think it will make me look 50 pounds less? No, but I know it does give me firm support where I want and accentuates my curves- Nothing wrong with that.

I think every woman's reason for wearing a shapewear is just as personal as the choice we make when we pick other intimates. How you choose to wear it is certainly based on what you want and also your lifestyle. In other words, comfort is key. So if you are an expecting mom, you can check out their maternity shapewear collection.

My Likes About The Compression Leggings

1.The pair of compression leggings is super stretchy
2. The fabric is very smooth and thick it will take a whole lot to break through it.
3. You immediately feel it tighten as you pull it up your legs and it snugs so nicely.
4. It is seamless which I like a lot because as you can see in the photos, it is smooth and definitely not noticeable underneath all my outfits.
5. Easy to wear with outfits and helps achieve a polished look with a good fit when and if needed.
6. Lately, I have been living in leggings more than ever, so having another pair could not have come at a better time. You can never have too many.
7. It is true to size. I ordered a small size which is my go-to size even when I am not so sure about the sizing of a brand or when trying out a brand for the first time.

What I Would Change

1. I don't see myself wearing the leggings with a small top over it. Wearing the leggings as an outfit rather than underneath my clothes will require wearing a long top over it. For me, all that hugging on my little behind and in front is a bit much, hahaha - It will make me feel a little self-conscious in public ;).

Compression Leggings by Belly Bandit


I styled three different looks wearing the compression leggings underneath my outfits and you wouldn't even know it if I didn't tell you. I chose to style it with outfits I had worn before and already featured at least once on the blog so you can see and probably make your own observations or judgments.

Outfit #1: 
Classic Comfort - I will wear this casual look everyday if I could because it is, cozy comfortable yet stylish.

Outfit Details:
Multicoloured Striped Turtle Neck Sweater by Joe Fresh
Distressed Jeans by Hollister
Faux Fur Vest  by Forever 21
Water-Proof Boots by Ugg
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Outfit #2:
Fun & Sweet - Nothing says sweet like a vintage inspired swing dress with polka dots. Paired with over-the-knee boots for an edgy finish. I will wear this perfect day to night look that won't make me feel over dressed or under dressed for any kind of occasion. Throw on a coat and I can swing it the from brunch to lunch, tea party to office party, family dinner to dinner date.

The photo on the left shows me wearing the same dress a while ago without the compression leggings while in the photo on the right, I am wearing it. As you can tell from the photos, the seamless pair of compression leggings is undetectable underneath my dress but it gives me a firm support underneath my dress.
Outfit Details:
Polka Dot Swing Dress: Unique Vintage
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Outfit #3:
Romantic - This dress is just one of those that keep on giving - It has a staying power and gem. After taking it with me to St. Lucia, I knew it would be a great feature for this post. The silhouette, pattern, and fit are just a few of the reasons why I love it. Romantic and effortless enough for a special day. No?

The photo on the left shows me wearing the same dress a while ago while in St. Lucia without the compression leggings while in the photo on the right, I am wearing it. Again, not a dramatic change but as you can tell from the photos, the seamless compression leggings is undetectable underneath the soft body hugging fabric of the dress while giving me an extra firm support underneath my dress.

Outfit Details:
Floral Print Maxi Dress via Unique Vintage
Ankle Boots by Guess

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All 3 Looks

Thank you all for stopping by. Now you may share your thoughts.

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