What I Wore To The Botanical Garden: The Garden Dress

Seeing the post title, I am sure you quietly muttered something in likes of - A garden dress in winter? I know, I know, I know but it is really not what you think. While the thought of wearing a garden dress right now sounds pretty sweet but it's not the case. This situation here happened last summer when I visited the Toronto Botanical Garden. I guess I can officially say it is one of my favourite places to visit and hang out in Toronto.


It was a beautiful day late in summer and I wanted to spend a part of that day walking through the beautiful Botanical Garden in Toronto.  I don't know if it's just me but I always seem to find peace in beautiful places and it doesn't matter how big or small the space is, just give me beauty. You know how they say friends are like flowers cause they make everything better? Visiting a garden for me was just like going to see some floral friends. Hahaha. Well, I decided to wear a dress perfect for the day and place - A Garden Dress.


It is really a simple green dress with floral prints but in its simplicity is sweetness. A thin strapped dress with a form fitting top and a loose bottom which I find to be a comfortably easy piece to wear.
The fabric feels like a blend of silk and cotton and gives me full coverage -Got to keep it classy, right?


I am not sure green would even be on my top ten list of favourite colours, and this is not me saying I don't like green as colour. I just would look at outfits in other colours I am often drawn to by default, first. That said, lately, I have discovered some outfits in the prettiest shades of green. Just like this very girly garden dress.

It's almost as if black went on a short vacation and other colors came out to play. Now they have taken over and refused to be the occasional-once-in-a-while-colors because I matched the green coloured dress with my pink bags. I went full on colourful with my look, not even trying to tone the dress down with a black bag or something.

 Outfit Details:

Old Navy Garden Dress

Get The Look!

What I Wore To The Botanical Garden: The Garden Dress What I Wore To The Botanical Garden: The Garden Dress Reviewed by The Fashion Stir Fry on 1/19/2018 Rating: 5
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