How to style current day to night spring/summer fashion trends

glitter or sparkle on clothes, shoes and bags is easier than you think. The good thing about this such trend is the
fact that it is completely day to  night time-friendly and I am going to show you why and how.

What I Wore
I decided to style this spring sweater because it comes with more advantage than just keeping you warm.  It
simply has the right amount of sparkle perfect for day and night.

I have to admit a quick glance at this sweater brings confetti to mind and of course in a good way because if it
wasn't, I would not have purchased it. The glittery and colorful look makes it fun to style. Since we are focused
on a spring look, it is was important to make sure whatever I styled it with would not only compliment each
other but balance the whole look like I did with this crop top. This sweater is very light and comfortable to wear
on a beautiful sunny spring day.

So why this skirt? The skirt itself is quite unusual in the sense that the cut out in front isn't exactly the kind of cut
out I often see on lycra skirts but I thought it was cute. The bold floral print sure draws some attention
(like you need one after that cut out in front, right?) but it works well with the sweater. The fact that it is a form
fitting pencil skirt narrows the lower part of my body making it more shapely considering the fact that the
sweater is a bit loose at the top.

This to me is a suitable outfit that I find to easily take me from day to night whatever the occasion may be.
Why? Like I mentioned earlier, it is trendy, fresh, chic, fun, comfortable, and the glittery sparkle isn't too much for
a day time look while at the same time it gives you just enough sparkle to take you into the night without
changing anything.

How To Style An Edgy Chic Day To Night Look
My Spring/Summer Edgy Chic Day To Night Look
H&M Glittery Sweater Top + Floral Print Pencil Skirt by Sirens
How to style current day to night spring/summer fashion trends

Outfit Details
Glittery Sweater Top: H&M
Floral Print Pencil Skirt: Revamped by Sirens

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