What To Know Before Shopping: How To Build A New Wardrobe Full Of Clothes You Will Actually Wear

What To Know Before Shopping: How To Build A New Wardrobe Full Of Clothes You Will Actually Wear

So for the new year or a fresh start you cleaned-out your closet and now you want to know how to build a new wardrobe full of clothes that you will actually wear. Well if you are ready to discover what really works for you then this step-by-step guide will be of great help. 

I am only a blogger, right? True true true. So obviously I am not an "expert" in this, but with my personal experience I can tell you I have lived it often enough to let you know after adopting the step-by-step guide below it worked for me. I was able to cut back on wasting my money on impulse purchases, I became more confident than ever and now I appreciate my wardrobe way more as I continue to build on it.

Be Practical #keepitreal

Following fashion trends on Instagram may have helped spice up your sense of style, and maybe your wardrobe will make Carrie Bradshaw squirm with envy. But! How many of these outfits you paid your hard-earned money for do you really wear? If you still find yourself saying you have nothing to wear while staring at a closet full of clothes from wall to wall, maybe it's because you have an influencer's lifestyle living rent-free in your closet. Buying clothes based on other people's idea of reality rather yours is no way a wise move. Getting inspiration from influencers online, fashion sites and friends is absolutely fine, but know when to separate wants from needs. So before you start shopping for a new wardrobe make sure you prioritize based on your current lifestyle and what works best for you realistically.

A professional who works a nine-to-five job and has to wear suits, business attire or office wear daily may want to invest more in such outfits. If you are a full-time student you may want to invest more in semi-casual to casual outfits. If you're a full-time stay-at-home mom or expectant mom you may want to invest more in maternity and mom-friendly pieces. If you can keep all these in mind while shopping you will find yourself on the right track to a successful new wardrobe that is more practical and definitely you.


Know Your Style... Or Not

Style in fashion is a form of expression through what we wear. While style from person to person may differ, there is one thing everyone agrees on and that is, comfort. Being able to freely wear an outfit that makes you happy is because you're comfortable in it. So if your style is sporty, bohemian, grunge, preppy, edgy or vintage (which I will each describe in details in upcoming posts), make sure it is the best version of you. If you don't know what your style is or you like to swing from one style to another, make sure you feel your best self wearing whatever it is you like. Don't be cornered by labels. Find what makes you comfortable, go with it and make it your own.

Think Big, Start Small

This is the fun part. Now that you've checked the first two boxes the work has only just begun. It is easy to get tempted to want to splurge on a new wardrobe, but I'll suggest you pull the brakes on that or you'll be back where you started. Why? Just as much as style is a form of expression, it is also a way of discovering one's self. So give your style a chance to evolve with you. Invest in pieces that you can style in as many ways as possible and build on from there. Discover your preferences - More neutrals or more colors, minimal or busy, dresses or pants and maybe all. I guarantee you this will change as you go until you find where you feel more yourself in. Enjoy the journey and cheers to new beginnings. Happy New Year!


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