Before we decide on what to wear for Valentine's Day can we all address the fact that not everyone celebrates it at a restaurant having a romantic candle light dinner. Love between two people or you and yourself can be celebrated any way you choose to spend it. Even if it means staying-in for dinner and spooning or chilling the rest of the evening. Since there is just a little bit of time left to shop around, I curated some outfit ideas for the different Valentine's Day celebrations that you may find yourselves in. Let's jump in!


Self love is self-care. Being single on Valentine's Day doesn't have to be just like every other day. Make it all about you. Everyone deserves some love and a one-on-one time with one's self than we often give. Even healthcare providers need self-care  so why not you. Treat yourself to a special experience or evening doing exactly what makes your heart and soul completely full, happy and fully recharged.

What To Wear

This all depends on what type of self-care you decide to indulge in. If it's yoga or meditation at home, taking a personal salsa dance class, art class, a day at the spa or cooking yourself a hearty dish you've always wanted to try while you watch a binge-worthy Netflix show, dress accordingly. 

Yoga Outfits


Babes, it's hot somewhere, right? I know some of my readers live in the tropics so no worries 'cause I had you in mind when I was writing this. Picnics are sweet and fun if nature cooperates. Picking the right outfit for a picnic also matters. Something to keep in mind while choosing an outfit is how easy and comfortable it will be to wear while out doing picnic things. I don't mean to be a buzz kill but keeping it real, you may want to think humidity, bugs and sunburn before stepping outside. These are obviously challenges easy to overcome if done right. It's bad enough you may be nervous about the whole day and just want everything to go well, so wearing an outfit that will make you self-conscious just isn't gonna cut it. No worries! I put together some outfit ideas that I hope you will find helpful for your romantic picnic.

What To Wear

A very comfortable yet cute look is key for a picnic. Which is why I believe dressy rompers with stylish sandals or flats will be perfect.



Some wine lovers see a visit to wineries or vineyards for some wine tasting as romantic. Or maybe it's just me - I guess watching too many romcoms does that to you. Some of these wineries come with their own fine dining restaurants which to me completes the tour.

What To Wear

Fine wine on a fine day is absolutely sweet. A fun flirty outfit comes to mind. So to ease your mind so you can enjoy every moment, I have put together some outfit ideas for you. Enjoy!
Winery Outfits


To all my boss-ladies running the world, work mode has an expiration and that means turning it off for a very special evening with your significant other.

What To Wear

Knowing how very little time there is to leave work and go home to change, I fixed it for you. Here are some from-work-straight-to-dinner outfit ideas that you may want to consider for Valentine's Day.

Work To Dinner Date Outfits


No, you don't have to be an introvert to want to stay-in and enjoy a special day or evening in the comfort of your home with your special person. It's honestly very relaxing and fun if you can make the most out of what you have. That said, make sure you still dress to impress.

What To Wear

I guess that temptation to want to wear something lounge-y or relaxing comes to mind but if you must, add a little flair to it.


Girrrrrl be ready! It's okay to dream, and who says it can't be a reality?! Valentine's Day falls on a Friday this year which means it's going to be a long weekend to love and be loved on. So if you find yourself on a flight or road trip to a blissful weekend somewhere, make sure your "surprise" travel-ready self and bags are ready.

What To Wear

Light packing with only what you need is the way to go here. Emphasis on only. I always like one-piece outfits for travels if possible to keep the packing as light and easy as possible. So here are a few ideas for the getaway.

Weekend Getaway Outfits and Essentials


Old habits die hard. Which is why I believe many will be doing the traditional dinner date at a fine dining restaurant. Nothing wrong with that. Some restaurants go further to make it extra special for guests. Make sure it's just as special as you are by starting with your outfits. While you worry about not having some spinach stuck in your teeth, let me help you with some outfit ideas to wear for the evening.

What To Wear

It's funny how picking out an outfit to wine and dine in can be challenging sometimes, right? Well with these outfit ideas, I believe I could save you some extra hours to get ready for your date. Get ready to stun!

Date Night-Out Outfits

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The photo of me above was taken over 5 years ago when I wore the sweet dress by Azazie. It was a collaboration post about their bridesmaid dresses and now I just think it is also perfect for a Valentine's Day dress as well.

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