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Who says, leave your sporty pieces for the gym? If looking girly in a sweet, simple airy summer dress styled with a pair of sneakers for the sake of comfort living, is your thing like it is mine, here is a virtual high-five girl! This whole dress and sneaker revolution is like a breather and seriously, a lifesaver.
There are days I really just don't want to dress up but would love to wear nothing to say the least but if I must, a cute little dress following very closely to jeans will be my go-to. Haa, yeah, those kind of days? I have them and maybe you do too. So if all it takes is to dress up a pair of sneakers and still look chic, I am all in!
Prfect Summer Dress with Sneakers
Dress with Sneakers

I am wearing:
Floral Printed Summer Dress: EMOI by Emonites
Sneakers: Reitmans

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