January 23, 2015

I admire a woman who dreams big and works relentlessly to make it all happen, and if you have no clue what that means then let me introduce you to a lady who needs no introduction - Kimora Lee Simmons. Yes, that's right, we all know her from her modelling days as a teenager to becoming a top celebrity style icon, and now a very successful business mogul. Her love affair with fashion is no news to the world which explains why the desire to start her own fashion line was only a matter of time. She was the brain behind Baby Phat and JustFab, but just when you think she has done it all  she launches a new fashion line called KLS.

KLS came to be when Kimora realized she couldn't find that perfect outfit that is stylish and versatile enough to take her easily from day to night without having to make lots of changes in between the day. I bet a lot of us women can relate to that. Being a busy momma of three with the fourth one the way, a wife and a business woman, her life is constantly on the go, but she never settles for basic. She puts the word, super in front of every hat she wears - Super model, Super mom, Super successful and more. This new line shows all of that and it is so different from what she has ever done before. It is more high end and the pieces speak to the woman of today. The KLS collection is very classy, very stylish, structured to flatter a woman's shape, versatile, bold and most of all clean.

I was in awe when i saw the Pre-Fall 2015 Preview Collection  which made its debut in New York before leading fashion editors. Going through each piece simply made me go, "Yeah, that is the kind of woman i want to be"- A stylish mom, successful entrepreneur, strong, unafraid to take the world, but looking classy and well put together while doing it.

Now we all know where all eyes will be this season because  her new line seems very promising and i look forward to what is yet to come from it. Meanwhile, i 'll keep dreaming of spending a day in her fabulous KLS pieces.

Here is a couple of my favorites from the KLS Ready To Wear Collection 

Photo credit: KLS

White is huge this season and has been a red carpet hit this year. This KLS reiko crop top will fit right in with a trendy and very feminine look. Love how the wrap creates a nice silhouette around the waist. Very flattering. Throw on a really nice jacket over it with a pair of heels for meetings during the day. Then bare those shoulders for some lunch date, dinner date or date night for a more vavavoom look.

                                                                                   Photo credit: KLS 

This is the KLS Scarlett Top paired with a matching KLS Scarlett Skirt. First of all, it is red, love that, and i also love the silky basketweave that molds so effortlessly to the body. You can see how i styled it below using just a few key accessories while still maintaining that clean, feminine and polished look.

Kimora Lee Simmons KLS Collection Inspired "Boss Lady" Look

Kimora Lee Simmons KLS Collection Inspired "Boss Lady" Look by thefashionstirfry featuring sophia webster shoes

You can see more of Kimora Lee Simmons' new line on KLS. Do check it out and share your thoughts below.

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January 20, 2015

I may have been dropping a few hints about spring fashion lately because really, who says you can't ;)? Have you all noticed a huge change this winter? More people are wearing and embracing very colorful outfits instead of the usual black and grey. Pretty awesome, right? Well, get ready for an even more colorful spring this season. One thing i have learned in years is, it isn't really how big your closet is that matters, but how well you wear every piece you have in there that counts. One or one thousand, rock it like it is all you have.

Stripes make the most statement in the most classical way, and layering with stripes is so phenomenally chic. I have had this trench coat for a while now and it has served me well, come fall or spring. Styling it each time i wear it makes it feel so brand new. This time i decided to style it with two classic pieces that will never ever go out of trend- Stripes and denim pants. You can never have enough striped pieces or denim in your closet. Being a long double breasted, solid colored red trench coat makes styling it with a printed top like this striped shirt and wide leg denim pants chic without even trying.

For those of you who  may be wondering -No, i am not wearing a coat in Turks, but I wore this outfit during one of my last chilly days running errands in Toronto before heading here to Turks.

Trench Coat similar in some of my favorite colors here and here
Joe Fresh Striped Top similar in one lean & mean style here
Apt 9 crossbody bag (sold out) via Kohl's similar in the sweetest baby blue color here

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January 14, 2015

If you do little things well, you'll do big ones better.....

I say that because not everyone thinks they will look forgiving in jumpsuits or playsuits, but i say, never say never. First of all, i am all for jumpsuits and likes of. We all know how very popular they have become lately and so many intriguing designs and styles are flooding the runways and the streets today. As we slowly approach spring and even slower into summer, i can guarantee you, we will be seeing more jumpsuits everywhere. Now how do you set yours apart from the rest? Details darling, details, and this wrap jumpsuit by Les Lunes has all the little details a girl wants. It has some great chic factor  and that goes a long way. I particularly love the wrap top of course, and that two inch wide waist band sure accentuates the waistline for some curves. Even more appealing is how super soft and very comfortable the jersey fabric is. That explains why i find the cute ruched cuffs so perfect because they loosely add shape to the fitting from the hips down to the ankle -Making it look very classy chic in a very elegant and effortless way.

Now what's the big little secret? The jumpsuit is about a size or two bigger than my normal size, but because i couldn't wait to share the beauty of this jumpsuit with you all, i figured out a way to double the belt carefully around my waist for a good fit. We women always seem to find our way around things, don't we? No pun intended :).
                                       Les Lunes V-Neck Bamboo Stretch Jersey Wrap Jumpsuit
                                             Symone Kelly Statement Necklace and Earrings

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January 11, 2015

One of the many things that fascinate me about resort towns or areas is the colorful villas you see everywhere. I have seen bright pink, yellow, green, orange, to name a few. This particular building in blue and white stands alone by itself on a small piece of land and it really got my attention. Simply because the building itself looked so well kept from the outside, but  unfortunately you can't go in. It is permanently locked and i thought it was creepy cute. Quite frankly, it inspired me to shoot this outfit right there.

I am sure we can all use a few days away from the cold weather just about now, stretched out on a warm beautiful Caribbean Island sipping on whatever drink does it for you. Mine is Coca Cola. While i have you thinking about it, i would suggest you don't forget throwing in a mix of some few prints and patterned outfits while packing your vacation outfits in excitement. There is something about prints and patterned outfits that go beautifully well with the tropics or the Islands and i thought this matching outfit will do me some good here. While i do spend a lot of time at the villa (home), i also find this to be a great fit for a resort look. So many fun events happen on the Islands here and this will comfortably work from day to night easily. Boy, did i tell you how hot is here!
                              Matching Top similar here and Cigarette Pants/Trousers similar here.

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January 9, 2015

We stumbled into what i call a spanking little spot called Chalk Sound on our drive to Bugaloo Restaurant in Providenciales. We immediately pulled off the highway to get a better view of this beauty. Ugh...my gosh, just when we thought it couldn't get any better. It looked like a photo from a tourist magazine and  we had just stepped into it. It seemed more like an abandoned little island with not a single human except for us hanging out there. The crazy part is, it is just right on the highway. There is an area to park, but you literally step out of your car and right into paradise. Again, turquoise blue water and white sand never looked this amazing. For the record, we had no idea this place even existed. Isn't that just awesome?

I wish i could bring you all here with me. Everyone needs to see it person. It just makes you appreciate life more. Minus all the scary stuff going on around us today, places like this prove to you why the world is a truly a beautiful place.

I have come to realize now that i am going to have to either wear more shorts or short dresses every time i leave the house or simply keep one on me. This Island is magical and you just never know when a  gorgeous secret little island might suddenly appear from nowhere. Well, this hi-low dress sure came in handy.
CHALK SAND, Providenciales, Turks and Caicos
CHALK SAND, Providenciales, Turks and Caicos
CHALK SAND, Providenciales, Turks and Caicos
Yeah, try walking on rocks wearing  heels like me, your hips and legs will seem like they are briefly separated from each other. I'm glad i didn't trip though :)). Warning: Do not try this at home kids ;).
CHALK SAND, Providenciales, Turks and Caicos

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January 7, 2015

We visited one of the finest beaches i have ever seen in Turks and Caicos called Long Bay Beach. Just the perfect place to get over my fear of wearing a bikini. After all, nobody knows me here anyway, hahaha.

Before leaving Toronto, I challenged myself to start a fitness routine and eat healthily prior to our trip here. I desperately needed to get back in shape anyway for those beach days, but most of all clean good health. Anyway, i slacked with my "work out session". Still working on it.

So of course I leave it to William to make things fun and interesting. In no time i was bouncing around in my Arizona Sunset bikini by Triangl. When Triangl reached out to me, they had no clue i was just starting to have a great interest in wearing bikinis. It was a beautiful coincidence to me and a sign. So i took it as an opportunity to check it off my bucket list.

Although, my bikini cup runneth over in the photos, which was my fault because i was a little confused with the sizes, i really liked that the bikini bottom had good coverage. The use of neoprene fabric to make them is simply genius and it makes it easy to clean - Hand wash.

Are you secretly harboring the fear of wearing a certain outfit? Always remember this - NO-Body is Perfect. Feel free to reach out to me if you need a friendly advice or someone to talk to about it, and i will be happy to hold your hand all the way through it all.

Now i can just relax and move on to the next big thing ;).
 Very beautiful beach indeed and it was a stretch.
                                                                Arizona Sunset Bikini by Triangl

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