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I know i tend to make winter sound like this roommate's friend who comes to visit and then she overstays her welcome, but it is. Every year, i say winter this year is the coldest one ever....every year because frost bite has never been my thing. So maybe this time around, i ran off to an island for the better part of winter but now it is time to go back to Toronto. Yes, i am flying out today. I guess it doesn't help when the weather report for this week in Toronto says, subzero temperatures with flurries, flurries, mostly cloudy and snow. Ugh, very exciting it. Not even a little bit of sunshine. After running around on the beach, exploring the beautiful islands of Turks in fun resort wears, i think i am charged and ready for it. Eeeek!

This tie and dye bell dress is another one of my few purchases here on the Island. Very airy and playful kind of dress. I like the color purple, but I think i have just a couple of outfits in that color. I learned tie and dye in crafts class when i was so little, had i known it would be such a popular print today, i would have continued. It has been fun exploring the boutiques here. Hey, anything to show some love and support to the local businesses here. I guess like to support and see others do well especially the up and coming.

Ah, wish me luck as i venture back into the cold. It's just subzero temperatures, right? Hope i can bring you back some warmth in a whole different way Toronto.
Tie and Dye Bell Dress via Turks and Caicos Island Boutique

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