April 16, 2014

Have you ever been so excited about leaving your home to go "out" only to find out this outing may end up being at the mall...again? Doesn't it always seem like every time you are not sure where else to go, a shopping mall always ends up being the easier choice by default? Especially when it is cold outside and you just don't want to deal with it. This was how our Sunday ended up unfolding. We had other plans in mind, but the weather is just too sporadic to compete with these days. So rather than giving up to go back to the hotel, we thought we could just walk through an outlet mall in Calgary.

In my attempt to quit guessing what the temperature might end up being like as we go about our day, i kept my outfit comfy and easy. I wore a pretty warm jacket cozy enough to beat any Winter/Spring chills, a light shirt in case it warms up for good, then i can throw away the jacket. To keep my feet in check, i wore my "Forrest Gump" boots (i could run in them for days), a hat because i can and finally my cross body bag because they are stylish enough to keep my hands free.

         HAT: L.L.Bean // JACKET: Seductions // DENIM PANTS: JOE Fresh // BAG: Calvin Klein 

Photos taken and edited by me.

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April 14, 2014

If there is one less thing to worry about when it comes to beautifying your skin, then you need to get on board with this really awesome four piece collection by IT Cosmetics. From the comfort of my bed where i sometimes find myself applying my makeup since i currently don't have a vanity dresser here, i introduce you all to It Cosmetics CC Your Way To Beautiful Skin 4-piece collection. It consists of :                           
                         1- CC+ Lip Serum Gloss
                         2- Waterproof Tightline
                         3- Supersize CC+ cream
                         4- Heavenly Luxe Plush
                                    Paddle Foundation Blush

IT's got you covered from complexion, to lashes to lips. It is currently on clearance on QVC at a reduced price. Included with this set is a step by step guide to follow in achieving a beautiful result. I have included these steps below.

To start off right, the Heavenly Luxe Plush Paddle Foundation Brush is used to help smoothen an even layer of the Supersize CC+ Cream with SPF 50+ over clean and, or moisturized skin.
Next is to prep and prime the eyes for natural looking, waterproof lashes by gently pressing the Waterproof Tightline wand along the lash line filling in the gaps between my lashes, moving along the entire upper lash line for a beautiful Tightline eyeliner effect.
Finally, finish off the look with hydrating vitality by gliding ultra-conditioning CC+ Lip Serum Color-Correcting Liquid Creme Gloss in Love over the lips  for instant color correction and evening of lip tone. It can be worn day or night for an ultra-hydrating treatment and naturally pretty flush of color that lasts.

I am a huge fan of unique but good quality products especially when it comes to my skin, and makeup is no exception. Just like the founder Jamie Kern Lima said:

"If there is a beauty issue that troubles you, most likely I suffer from it too. I pour my heart and soul into creating innovative and effective problem-solving products that truly make you look and feel your most beautiful!"  

Read more on her story of being a sufferer of Rosacea

I can not count how many times i have rushed to the beauty store to replace or fill up on items in my makeup bag only to realize i may have forgotten to pick one or two things.This set is perfect.

I can assure you i won't stop searching for amazing brands that make great products with real results and i will always try my best to share them with you all. "IT's truly your beauty, but better"....Indeed! Now i can relax and have my beauty nap.

Thanks to IT Cosmetics for this beautiful set because not only does IT have me covered but with products that yield amazing results. 

 For more on their products, visit them on www.itcosmetics.com

Photos taken and edited by me.

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April 11, 2014

Boy, have i been MIA for a few days. Missed you too! Thanks. It has been a bit of a busy week. William and Daisy's birthdays were 3 days apart and since my baby girl is officially 2 now, we started celebrating 3 days early. It's all about her now and she is enjoying every single bit of it too :). I also tweaked a few things on the blog layout for a more organized and cleaner look. What was meant to have taken a few minutes ended up taking forever. Also, i was busy working on a few other things too that i won't bore you about.

So somehow the gods of Spring felt sorry for us here in Alberta and from no where it warmed up so nicely it felt like summer...okay almost. It couldn't have been a more perfect time to shoot this sleek sleeveless maxi black dress from Sensation Of The Night. But before i talk about the black dress, i want you to take a good look at this pleated green dress below from thier website too:
That was the dress i really wanted but unfortunately for me, it wasn't available. It cost $32.99 (free shipping too). I was a little heartbroken but then i spotted this black dress and i knew the side slit was just hard to ignore. Just so you know, my first night on their website i pinned so many of their dresses to my "Wish List" and "Fashion Love" on Pinterest.
The dress is very light in weight and the fabric is Lycra but on a very light dose. Wore the dress all day and just loved the smooth feel of it and how so comfortable it was. I would say this though, the little layer overlapping on top didn't fall over the way i would have liked but then again that could be on me. Maybe i just need a little extra oomph up there. Hahaha. This is so perfect for date nights and easy to accessorize. In my case, the hat and leg show were just about enough accessories for this outfit.
                                                  MAXI BLACK DRESS: Sensation Of Night

 RECIPE OF THE DAY: Muffuletta Sandwich (Perfect Lunch Bite For Any Special Occassion)

Photos taken and edited by me.

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April 7, 2014

Clearly from my past posts you already know i have a soft spot for vintage fashion. What i really do find more fascinating is being able to mix modern pieces with vintage pieces. I will be honest about pants like these, they are not always an easy pair to wear at all. The high waist and jacquard print is flattering but the ankle length and very super straight cut can be tricky. Regardless, i love it. I know it may seem too soon for a crop top and a pair of open toe heels but boy, i may end up not wearing any of my Spring/Summer pieces this year with the rate at which the weather here is going. Anyway, i don't even see the snow anymore.
                                                                     Who am i wearing?
CROP TOP: Forever 21 // PANTS: Etcetera // HEELS: Obsessions // NAIL POLISH: Revlon Brilliant Strength (Mesmerize)

Recipe Of The Day: U.S. MINT SUNDAE RECIPE (Kid Friendly)

Photos taken by William C. and Edited by me.

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April 5, 2014

Every time i find an opportunity to mix prints, i jump quickly at it. Sure there is always that fear of looking crazy. Maybe not to myself but others. For example, that sweet old lady in the coffee shop who tries to put you in check every time you come in for a coffee. She might look at me like i am crazy and think i forgot to wear the right clothes to her store. What if she says to me in that motherly tone? "Hey honey, come here for a minute. Is this a new trend or you forgot something?" Hahaha. I just love the seniors...always so sweet. It's time to quit thinking too much about it because even if you get it all right, people will always find something to say.

Well for this look, let's just say i played it a little safe and would recommend it for anyone who is just starting out with mixing prints. In a classic way, i picked two timeless but trendy pieces in simple black and white to mix together for this look- Tartan and Stripes. For a pop of color, i matched my red hat with the red purse. Oh, as for the grey boots, i have just concluded they go with everything.
                                                               Who was i wearing?
HAT: L.L.Bean // TOP: Loft // SKIRT: Teen Scene // NECKLACE: My Monogram Necklace // BOOTS: Unknown

Recipe Of The Day: Blushing Bride Berries & Cream Parfait

Photos taken and edited by me.

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