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Hello everyone! It is time for another awesome giveaway and i am pretty excited about it. First of all, i want to thank everyone of my blog friends/family  that participated in my last giveaway. More to come.

Who loves music like i do? Niicee, i see so many hands up. Awesome! In collaboration with Grandool, i am bringing you a really fun and cool giveaway. Fun because you get to discover some cool new music and fresh talents, then you get to share them with the world. Best part is, after 4000 entries, a winner is picked and the winner gets to win $150 cash. By the way, this is open worldwide.

These are professionally made videos submitted by the musicians themselves to Grandool. I am only able to select 10 of these videos which are my personal favorites below on the entry form. My selections were based on those i felt had the strongest and best vocals, videos, beats or tunes in that genre. I found them to be catchy and fun. Hopefully you will like them enough to share. To enter, check out the videos then use the form below, created strictly by the Grandool team. Kindly follow the rules below.  Thank you all and good luck everyone!!


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