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If there is something we all look forward to every year in Canada, it is patio season! After what seems to be an everlasting cold weather lately, any excuse to sit out with friends on any given beautiful, warm day is definitely called for. So guess what? I partnered with Pinnacle Vodka to show you three quick, easy and affordable ways to turn your rooftop patio or deck into into a party zone in a minute.

Toronto is known to be a condo city which means there will be a lot of rooftop barbecue parties and get-together happening this summer in my turf. Since I live in a condo myself, I knew it would be a great idea to show you a couple of simple yet fun rooftop deck decor for a dinner party or barbecue party for two or more guests. Now let the party begin!

While it is fun to have a theme for your decor, it isn't always necessary, but make sure to keep the colors coordinated as best as you can. I wanted a gold theme for all the three different styles I created, but still with a bit of a difference. I kept the decorations very simple but fun because i didn't want it to over shadow the beautiful view from the patio. The first, which is a bit more elaborate than the other two has this larger than life floral center piece, a hint of blue, red and of course gold to it. The color blue of course, was inspired by the new blue Pinnacle Vodka bottle while the red comes from the printed cloth napkins which add a little bit of Asian fusion to the decor. For lights, I simply had an LED light chain wrapped around the railing bars of the patio for a soft background light when it slowly starts to get  dark. The good thing about using a gold palette for this decor is the fact that gold tones go well with any other color, especially bright colors.

With polka dots trending this season, i thought why not add that to it. So instead of searching high and low for a polka dot table cloth, I used a regular gold chiffon fabric with polka dots as the table cloth. You can find this in any fabric store around you or online.

I always love how little details go very far when it comes to decorating. I found a square napkin with scallop edges and I decided to set them on the table as placement  mats. I let the corners of the napkins hang off the table to give it a stylish look.

Then I decided to fold up actual placement mats to use for the cutlery sets.

I filled up some tiny flower vases halfway with water and i dropped flowers in them. I placed them strategically on the table for some added beauty to the table setting. If you don't have tiny little flower vases like mine, you can use cute shot glasses or mini jars instead.

I found these two blue bottles with white roses on top in the store just as is, but you can definitely make them yourself. If you have any colorful bottles at home or better still, recycle your empty Pinnacle Vodka bottle by simply filling it up with water if you want to use fresh flowers then gently stick it in. If you are using artificial flowers, then you don't have to worry about putting water in the bottle. This adds a touch of elegance to the decor.

Without going into broad details, the other two below focus more on using just a table runner and a couple of statement floral pieces for the the decor. It is very simple and less complicated but elegant. The cool thing about the 3-tier gold stand which could either have been used as a cake stand or serve as a flower pot stand could be used for your dips and o'dourves or tea biscuits.

Sometimes, all you need or have available is just a bar top. Not to worry, you can still have a lovely setting/decor too. Using the same decor pieces above, I decided to place the table runner across the bar top, put the floral piece and stand in the background while you enjoy your meal and a perfect cosmopolitan cocktail recipe or mixed drinks using Pinnacle Vodka.
My how other fellow bloggers like myself  turned their patios into a party central on HuffPost Canada Style  

Meanwhile, i will be talking about who, why and what i wore for this fun rooftop patio party on the blog tomorrow. You are all invited!

Now can we just party?! :)

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